Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Challenge 9: Breakfast Burritos


I'm not gonna lie to ya. I'm not a big fan of breakfast burritos. Mainly, because I don't like eggs much, and most all breakfast burritos consist of eggs.

This one is no different.

But, these also have potatoes, so I thought they might change my opinion.


I started by grating a lot of cheese. Anything with this much cheese is bound to be good, right?


Next, I browned my sausage and drained the fatty grease.


Next in were the frozen breakfast potatoes. I bought the kind with red bell peppers and onions included, because hey - I like my spice.


Pioneer Woman says to cook the potatoes in the sausage for five minutes, but I'm here to tell you that I had to cook mine for twenty WITH a foil tent over them. After 5 minutes they were still frozen. Just a little heads up.


TEN eggs go into these bad boys. Along with several spices. I should have halved the recipe, but we all know how I feel about halving recipes. Right?


Nothing says Good Morning like raw eggs and rubbery sausage. Yum.


Finally, the eggs set and our filling was ready to be rolled up into flour tortillas!


Heat, fill, roll, repeat. Heat, fill, roll, repeat. Heat...fill...roll....



If you are feeding an army, I recommend using the whole recipe. It made ten burritos, so I guess it calls for one egg per burrito if you add it all up.


I made them all in hopes that Husby would eat them in the morning for the rest of the week before work. He didn't.


In our opinion, these were just "alright". I felt like all you could taste was the potato. We probably won't make them again, but hey, if breakfast burritos are your thing, go for it!


Veronica said...

I make my own breakfast burritos. My kids love them. It has eggs, tator tots if I have them, bacon or sausage and CHEESE! It makes about a dozen "small-size" burritos and they "grab-n-go!"
Good for you for trying!

Jesslee said...

We make breakfast burritos when we tailgate for early games. They are an easy food item to make the night before and then throw on the grill for a quick re-heat. I also make a huge batch of hashbrowns to go with them, but I don't put the potatoes in my burrito. I'm a plain jane eater so my burrito usually consists of just eggs and bacon, but my hubs likes everything in his (cheese, peppers, onions, sausage).

Natalie Catherine said...

i am so happy i came across this blog!! it's awesome! and i don't know but i just love getting recipes that are tried and true! your photos are great too.

Jordan said...

I'm kinda sad that you gave up on this challenge (I'm guessing you gave up, right?) I was looking forward to seeing all her recipes tested and tried but a real person (because we all know PW is too awesome to be real,lol)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

God bless Google. I am planning to make bb's tonight for dinner and I'm like you - I don't dig eggs. family likes this kind of thing and I never make it and I have everything on hand, so why not?

The only problem is - after reading this, I'm less excited than ever about it all... :)

prashant said...

We make breakfast burritos when we tailgate for early games.
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