Thursday, February 11, 2010

Challenge 8: Chicken Spaghetti


This was my first encounter with chicken spaghetti. I have often heard of it, but have never tasted it.


The very term "chicken spaghetti" doesn't sound too appetizing. Some things just don't belong in the same sentence. Like toenails and ice cream. But it doesn't at all taste like it sounds. It's not your typical red sauce spaghetti with chicken chunks instead of ground beef. Thank goodness.


I've noticed that a lot of these recipes call for a green bell pepper. Or a red one. Which is fine by me because I love bell peppers. My nickname in high school was Bell Pepper Whitney.

Just kidding.


My water boiled over. Can you tell? It made a sizzling, smoking mess.


I could be a Top Chef with my chopping skills.


Al dente!


In a very large bowl, you mix the noodles, cream of mushroom/chicken soups, peppers, onions, cheese, pimentos and a variety of seasonings! Oh, and of course, the chicken.

I forgot to get any pictures of the chicken. Oops. I just boiled a few breasts and shredded them.


This is a very colorful dish. But you can't tell because of all the cheese I threw on top. Ree made me do it.


Hot, bubbly and simply delicioso!


Want some?

Come on over. I need someone to help photograph my steps because I get to cooking and forget to snap pictures. So come on over and help me. K? Thanks.


Chicken. Spaghetti. Yummy.


Lori said...

I also had never tried chicken spaghetti before, but now that I see this recipe it looks really good!

Veronica said...

Chicken Spaghetti is very good!
I made a new dish today and thought: "I would love to post but, WHO could take the pictures?" You get caught up in the preparation, you forget!!! LOL
Good job Whitney!

Ella said...

wow. Now I am hungry for supper even though it is 10.30 in the morning here in Australia.

Anonymous said...

when I read your nickname was Bell Pepper in HS, I had to re-read it b/c I DID NOT REMEMBER THAT. Then I saw you were kidding. looks fantastic and I need a bite!

Becky said...

I'll be right over with my camera. ;)

It looks amazing! The name "Chicken Spaghetti" has scared me away up until now too, but yours looks absolutely lovely!

Terri said...

Looks delish! I have The Pioneer Woman's cookbook and I've been wanting to make Chicken Spaghetti, just haven't gotten around to it.

Blaynexox said...

That looks amazing! I've never had chicken spaghetti, but I think I will have to try it now.

Would you believe me if I told you that I once got a toenail in my icecream? True story.

MamaStacey said...

This is almost exactly like the chicken tettrazini that I make!

Gemma said...

That is basicly chicken tattrazini. i like to use a rotissorie chicken though, much easier and tasty!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

We really enjoyed that as well although due to a mishap we didn't use any pimentos. I agree though, very yummy!


Wes and Summer said...

You should use Velveeta, and instead of pimentos, use Rotel. It adds a little kick. My husband likes to eat his with crushed up Ranch Doritos.... weird, but SO GOOD.

Amanda said...

This is one of my favorites from that book. I made it this weekend for a Mommy Get-Away, and I've made it for women who just had babies. My husband would like me to remember to saute the onions and peppers first, so they're not so crunchy. Sometimes I remember. Sometimes I don't. OOPS! :)

prashant said...

Chicken Spaghetti is very good!
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