Monday, February 8, 2010

Challenge 7: Mac N Cheese


I totally botched this recipe.

I want to blame it on Husby, though, because he made me half the recipe. I told him that halved recipes never turn out right and that it was impossible to half an egg. But he insisted that two pounds of macaronie was a little excessive for two people



The whole roux thing turned out fine. Flour, butter, vigorous stirring. Cake walk.

Things took a turn when I added milk. Ree specifically called for whole milk. Did I have whole milk? No. So, Husby suggested I use part 2% and part half and half.


This whole disaster was all Husby's fault.


The creamy cheesy sauce LOOKED good in the end, but it did not taste right.

It tasted WEIRD.

It was probably that half an egg Husby made me use. And the half and half with half 2%. I'm sick and tired of halves. I was never good at math.


I thought that maybe once it was covered in a healthy dose of cheese and baked, it would cover up the weirdness and taste like it was supposed to.


It did not.

I'm telling you, I TRIED to eat it, but I couldn't. I strayed from the path set before me and added things that shouldn't have been.

And I halved it.

Don't half it.

It will come back to haunt you.


What a waste.

Should you embark on the Mac and Cheese Mission, do not veer from the recipe. Use whole milk and make the whole batch. Oh, and keep your Husby OUT of the kitchen!!!


Chari said...

the pictures are deceiving then because it looks so good.

Chari said...

oh, and my husband knows nothing about cooking whatsoever so I don't have to fight over recipes lol

Brittany said...

My hubs is a wonderful cook. I am not. My hubs follows the recipe word-for-word. I do not. Hubs learned from his dad who is an amazing cook. I learned from my mom who can't cook spaghetti noodles. Obviously we know who our children will learn from!

ps. I made chili the other day and added water because my mom was over and told me to. The chili did not turn out right (oily on top). Hubs asked if my mom told me how to make it, I said yes. He said I failed because I listened to her. hahaha--what did I learn? Always follow a recipe!

Lauren said...

I saw on a cooking show the other day about how to half an egg...crack it, beat, and then take half. Sounds easy but I'm not sure how you would take just half! Alton Brown has those cylinder measuring cups with the pushy things. Haha!

Kristin said...

Lauren: Great idea about how to half an egg..I did it once but I used a knife...ha, don't ask :)

Halving recipes are way too confusing.

I DO DECLARE said...

I too am haunted by halving! Mac and cheese freezes decently even after it's been baked (if you add more cheese when you reheat post-freezer). Next time, let your halving be one part eat, one part freeze!

G. said...

sorry it didn't work out for you! Before we had kids I always used to make whole recipes and ended up having tons of leftovers, then I started to make a whole batch but split it up and put one if the freezer (unbaked) for another time. Depending on what you make, it's really helpful. Mac and cheese does freeze ok. Other things like soup, lasagna, enchiladas, etc...all those are great things to split up and freeze. Just a little tip, not that you need it! :) I've enjoyed reading your cooking adventures!

LG missionary said...

I halve recipes all the time, especially now that there's just 2 of us eating. The half egg trick is just like I told you - beat it first and use half of that. The mac & cheese looks yummy! Sad that it didn't taste as good as it looks. Of course, I don't like using cheddar cheese for my mac & cheese. I think Velveeta works much better!!!! And the suggestion D made for the milk makes perfect sense. That's what I would have done, unless I just used all 2%. And I'm not just saying that b/c D is my son! :)

Emily said...

I really want to make this recipe! I've been wanting to make it for quite a while. I don't like halfing recipes either so I send the leftovers to work with my husband. His command loves it when he brings in good food :)

Molly said...

I made this recipe a few weeks turned out ok, but I added ricotta in and that made the texture a little strange...probably won't do that again!

I found your blog through Katie reading all about you and your cute little family! Good luck with your cooking challenge!

Katy and Chris said...

I don't think I ever follow a recipe exactly! Usually do alright. Yesterday alone? Potato and Leek soup in reduced quantity, Chicken curry getting rid of the apples the recipe called for (weird) and using skim milk instead of cream, and my own created cous cous w/ peas and onions. All turned out great. Don't be scared to experiment!!!

I agree with everyone else, though, LOOKS great!

Blaynexox said...

Aww sorry it didn't work out. Men just love to deviate from recipes. I am always trying to be adamant and screeching "Just follow the recipe!"

It does LOOK delicious though!

Pressed Petals said...

my husby actuallu made this and je was the only one to eat it. I think the mustard makes it taste "different".

prashant said...

My hubs is a wonderful cook.
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