Thursday, January 21, 2010

Challenge 3: Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich

Let me just say, that we may need to adjust the name of this sandwich a little bit. Let's call it "Medical Man's Favorite Sandwich", because Husby devoured all of his and half of mine. It was quite a hit in our house, to say the least!


You know it's going to be a good recipe when you bust out the cast iron skillet. Because, really. What doesn't taste like Heaven when prepared in a cast iron skillet?


The other factor that guaranteed a successful supper was the crazy (awesome) amounts of this:


Seriously. Almost an entire stick of butter goes into these bad boys. P-Dub, don't you REALIZE that SOME OF US are still trying to lose the last few pounds of bebe weight?!


Ummm, on second thought....keep creating recipes with lots and lots of butter. My love handles can stay a little longer. Ya know, for the sake of supporting the butter churners of the world. It's all about priorities.


To me, there are few things in life that smell better than onions sauteing in butter. Can I get an Amen?


Usually raw meat gags me. But it's kind of fun cutting cube steak. It's so tender and easy to work with. Kind of like me.


I created quite a steam bath while sizzling these babies. I almost called the weather man to have him warn the residents of my little town. It was worse than any fog you've ever witnessed.

They come by their name honestly, with all the smoke they produce. Wowza!

After a few shakes of this and squirts of that, everything came together in one pan and Marlboro Man Sandwiches were born.



Everything is better on a buttered, toasted hoagie bun.




Thank you, Ree, for bringing these to my life. My husband might kiss your feet.


But that would be weird, so he may just give you a high five.



What a wonderful sandwich! Buy the cookbook and make it. Your husband will do cartwheels.


SB said...

Now I get the name! That looks like something Chris would enjoy! I just might have to pick up the cookbook after all. :-)

Veronica said...

Red Beans, Gumbo, Jambalaya
Things that taste the BEST out of an iron pot! ;-)
Those ARE good sammies!

LG missionary said...

Looks FANTASTIC!!! Just wish Curt would eat it - the "no onions" man I married. Ugh!

BTW ... learned a couple of years ago that you're not supposed to wash your cast iron skillets with soap. Just rinse and scrape with one of those plastic scrapers, then let dry on your stove top or in the oven (or on a towel). That way you don't "unseason" your pan. You may have already known that tidbit of info., but I didn't until not so long ago.

Alison said...

looks good, this might have to be the next one I make, I made the beef brisket last night, it was wonderful, but did not turn out like the pic. Thanks for Sharing this wonderful meal.

Sweetly Southern said...

I just bought the cookbook today!! There were only 3 left at Barnes-n-Nobles!! I cant wait to start creating these wonderful, scrumptious meals!!
BTW I have read your blog for over a year and probably have never commented but I absolutely LOVE your blog posts!! They make me smile every time I read them!! Little Weebie is the most adorable little boy:)

Theresa said...

I got this cookbook for Christmas! I'm happy you are doing this project... so I can get a little sneak peek! Thanks!

Ella said...

I made the potato skins for a party on the weekend and they were a smash hit! People coming back asking for more. I felt bad for all the pot-luckers who brought food that wasn't cooked from the PW book!

Lori Crockett said...

This is one of my favorites of her recipes. I bought my first ever onion to make it and haven't looked back.

Casper said...

My husband loves this one too! However, we use steak (different ones depending on the night) instead of cube stead because I just don't like it, too much like hamburger for me. But boy it sure is a good one. Totally a guy sandwich! Only suggestions (if you like em) try adding mushrooms!


We did make this one and enjoyed it a lot. Our photo ended up reminding me more of Cthulu (a monster with tentacle-looking parts).

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